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A Niagara Falls Weekend

The Boy and I went to Niagara Falls, which is hopefully our one of many trips outside the country together. Yes, I know it's not too far. In fact, we went no farther than five minutes into Canada. But it's actually his first trip outside the US and I'm glad we got to share the experience together.

We drove up Friday night and stayed just outside of Corning, NY. I've never not booked a room ahead of time, but this is something he's familiar with, so I just went with it. We wound up at this Econo Lodge that wasn't that great, but good enough for a few hours of rest and sleep. We also got to enjoy some cable TV since I only have an antenna at my place.

I also never knew how much I hate frogs until that night. It had been raining out, which apparently brought the critters out of wherever they live and onto the placement. Since it was night time, I couldn't really see what was in front of me. But wait, what are those thing jumping in and out of the light? FROGS! You have no idea how freaked out I was. This was the closest I've been to frogs since 6th grade science when we had to dissect one, but those weren't hopping around. Speaking of which, there was one unlucky frog that was belly-up on the pavement. Once I saw that, I just ran inside. The next morning, that was the only frog that remained. From our room, I could see a guy step on what was left of it while walking to his car. Gross!

Anyway, the weather was unbelievably amazing this weekend. Seriously, it's Niagara Falls, and I don't want to be bragging about the weather, but it was just beautiful out. There weren't as many tourists as I was expecting with this kind of weather, but I'm not complaining about that by any means.

The best part of the trip was probably getting a hotel room facing both the American and Canadian Falls. I tried staying up at night just to see the lights come on, but they weren't as impressive as I thought they would be and as I have seen in many photographs. Either way, it was awesome seeing the Falls right before falling asleep and right after waking up.

I was trying to think back to my previous trips to Niagara Falls, and I don't remember being on Maid of the Mist, though I wouldn't be surprised if I was on it the first time I was there -- when I was eight years old. I have been there many times, since we used to drive to Toronto when my grandparents lived there. The last time I was there was back in college, when I went with some of my friends.

We were on Maid of the Mist during our first day there. We had dinner at the Crowne Plaza restaurant, where I had the best alfredo I have ever had. I hate to toot my own horn on this, but I make pretty awesome alfredo, but this blew my mind. They had artichoke and leek and mushroom and chicken on the dish. And even though I was really full, I really tried finishing every last bite. We spent our evening digesting our dinners (he had a New York striploin) by walking along the Falls. The next morning was spent walking around Clifton Hill, which is the tourist part of town. Most of the stores were still closed, but we were amused with the "high times" shops and contemplated Cuban cigars. Good thing we didn't get any because we were subjects of "random search" on the way back to the US.

I really wish we had stayed longer, but it was ultimately a regular weekend for me (he was on vacation) and we still had a six-plus hour drive, each way. On the way back, we stopped at Corning Museum of Glass. I went there a few years ago with my parents when I lived somewhat nearby in college. He was in love with this museum. I was interested, but got bored with the historical parts. The glassblowing and glassmaking, on the other hand, was awesome as always.

We're already contemplating our coming weekend, just because we know light schedules for both of us at the same time doesn't happen too often. In fact, we're trying to plan our vacation in March already.