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Cavern Deja Vu

Back in spring 2004, my roommates (plus one) and I went on a trip to Pennsylvania around the area where I live now. We spent a little time in Lancaster and the Amish Country, and around Hershey. It was definitely a memorable trip, although my memories do fade slightly after about six years. I can tell you what we did, but I can't necessarily recall the name of the places we went to.

Today, The Boy and I went to Indian Echo Caverns. I've lived literally less than a mile from this place for the past year, but hadn't visited it yet. It was a combination of its expensive entrance price and my proximity to it and the number of caverns I have previously visited that made me not want to really visit it. But since The Boy has been asking to go for months, I thought this would be a good time. Once we got to the parking area (I would hesitate to call it a "lot"), I felt this feeling of deja vu come over me.

This can't possibly be the same cavern I visited all those years ago, can it?

Week Twenty Four. Deja vu in an underground world.Despite the familiar look of an Indian teepee on the front lawn, the random merchandise in the gift shop and the swings in the back, I wouldn't let myself think that this was the same place. Besides, don't most caverns market themselves similarly?

It wasn't until we descended the 71 steps to the entrance of the caverns that I knew it was the same place. I.E.C. was carved into the stone above the entrance, exactly the way it looked six years ago. From that point on, I knew it looked familiar. In fact, I remember this silly little story they tell at one of the stops about a giant dropping his book and running out (based on the way the stalagmites and stalactites formed). It was as corny as I remembered it to be.

I totally don't plan on going back there for a third time.